About us


Sagati LLC started its activities in the Republic of Armenia in 2009.
The aim of the company was to carry out fish production in Armenia using the best international experience and to introduce advanced technologies in this field.
The design solutions of the fish hatchery were processed by the German company Water proved GmbH, after which consultations on the production process were carried out.

Throughout more than 10 years of activities we managed to form a professional staff, embed leading and effective technologies, use only high-quality and natural materials.

As a result, already today our partners – leading European companies such as Agrikola italiana alimentare-A.I.A.S.P.A with its Veronesi brand, VRM with its Naturalleva brand, and Ovapiscis – are represented in the Republic of Armenia. The quality of delivered sevices was improved as a result of which our Company was awarded the ISO 2200 international certification in the sphere of fish cleaning, freezing, and packaging.

Remaining loyal to our principles, our Company keeps up with directing efforts at delivering competitive services and quality products to each of our customers.